Bobsleigh, gazebo and ZOO afternoon with new Erasmus

ESN Košice decided to organise an activity event for the first arrived Erasmus on 18.9.2012. Most of them were from University of Veterinary medicine. Coordinators were Stanka Hajduková and Jarmilka Ivanová. The idea was simple!- short, fast and getting to know each other event.

We took a bus on the early afternoon, where the first stop was Kosice's " Eiffel Tower" (gazebo) with a lovely walk across the forest! On the way to the second stop, bobsleigh, we almost missed the bus, the marathon run to catch the bus was exhausting but the youth on the beginning of Erasmus is full of young wild and energetic spirit! Bobsleigh stop was quite funny moment, where most of them felt like kids again and also big adrenalin in their blood, after more runs we moved to Zoo, for a slowly-long-relaxing walk around the zoo. After this trip the nice smile on their faces was a nice reward.