Erasmus blood drop

A nice idea of doing something helpful became truth. On 5th of March, 2013, ESN team from Kosice (Zuzka Szarková, Edo Remetei, Eugi Svobodová) organised a beneficial event called „Erasmus blood drop“. It was even the first time when ESN Košice organized such an event within the project SocialErasmus in Slovak Republic.

Totally seven Erasmus students from different countries, such as Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, France and five Slovak ESN members met in New Hospital for helping save human lives. Each volunteer was registered as a donor and filled in an obligatory questionaire for donors of blood. Everybody went trough a standard medical examination, quick blood testing, which allows us to became blood donors for NTS SR (National Transfusion Service, Slovak Republic). Two of us didn’t have an ability to donate due to strict health condition rules. The others were successful and donation carried out without any complications.

In the end, we obtained drinks and food of our own choice, meal ticket and the most important reward – great feeling of helping those, who need it the most.Erasmus blood is young, full of joy, energy and life, so it will surely help people who receive it.

Author: Zuzka Szarková, ESN Kosice