Erasmus students prepared birthday party for their buddy Gabika, ESN Košice member

How you know if ESN buddy is a good buddy? When Erasmus friends prepare the birthday celebration for her/him! Our ESN cards coordinator, Gabriela Fábryová was nicely suprisied by Erasmus students from Technical University living at Jedlíková 13 dormitory who organised great night for her and her friends at their dorm for all the birthday stuff! They prepared snacks, drinks, music, gifts, decoration in the style of the country of her Erasmus, France focusing on the symbols from Paris. And they didn't forget the birthday cake! Party which was prepared by Etienne, Artur, Kasia, Pierrick and other Erasmus students meant a great THANK YOU to Gabika and also for us, other members who participated at the party. We were all deeply touched by this friendly gesture! Thank you!

(author: Andrea Hanáková, ESN Košice vice-president)