In the middle of semester, on 23 rd of April, we decided to move our bodies and organize afternoon full of sport activities. Volleyball and football tournaments got everybody into competitive mood and we enjoyed the time together a lot.

“The sport day was a nice and fun activity to join with Erasmus, ESN members and friends. In my case I played football, it was a tournament between three teams but nobody won because we didn't counted, it was more important to enjoy time with good people and to play another match than to be counting which team had more points. Anyway, it was a good experience and thanks to this I played football at least once in Košice during my Erasmus.” said Rafael Llergo Flores, Spain.

“I can say it was really nice activity. I had so much fun as a member of winner team in volleyball tournament. The only problem is that I am really interested in all kinds of sport and I want to play with rules. In this point we did not use the rules. Of course it is because there was lot of amateur people so it is acceptable.” Berkkan Yildirim, Turkey.

Author: ESN KE: Katarína Lapčáková

Photos: ESN KE