ESN UNIPO Prešov visting Košice during EILC course

As you all probably heard of, every international student taking part in Erasmus Mobility Program have an opportunity to attend the EILC. It is a language program providing you with a basic knowledge of language which you will hear around for your whole studies abroad. In addition, you will learn interesting things and facts about the nation and its culture as well as its do‘s and don‘ts.

This year EILC language programme was held in Prešov, a city in Eastern Slovakia. During those couple of days, the Erasmus students were being taught the fundamentals of the language along with a rich cultural program provided by ESN Prešov.

As a part of this programme, a trip to Košice was organized by ESN Prešov members: Gabika Gavalová, Majka Farkašová, and Vladimír Železňák – with a help of ESN Košice members: Vanda Nutarová, Andrea Hanáková, Matej Kollár and Peter Turcsányi.

Because of the arctic weather, which decided to pay this city a visit at the same time as Erasmus students did, we were not able to propagate the European city of culture 2013 as it deserves. Despite of the weather, we saw the historical city centre along with its famous St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful Gothic structures in the world, Neo-baroque State Theatre, and the 14th century St. Urban‘s Tower . On our way to eat something we have also learnt that the earliest recorded mentioning of Košice is dated in 1230. Moreover, Košice’s coat of arms (symbol of the city) is the oldest in Europe, a fact attested to by a latter dated from 1369.

After a hurried excursion through the old city centre, we decided to take a break and had something warm for a change. Because of different nationalities, we were able to accumulate a great atmosphere which lasted until it was time to catch the last train back to Prešov.

By this way, we would like to thank all of the participants for a great time we (ESN Košice) had and we also hope that you will return to our city once again in the future.

(author: Peter Turcsanyi, ESN Košice )