As everything in life has got its end, also Erasmus experience has to finish one day. To meet one more time before everyone will leave back to their countries of origin, ESN KE organised traditional Goodbye Week full of activities. However, this year´s Erasmus people decided to leave Slovakia sooner as usually. Although we had shifted Goodbye Week to 5-11th of June 2017, some of the planned events (City Game, Activity Day in ZOO) had to be cancelled due to lack of people.

Nevertheless, Goodbye Dinner with more than 68 Erasmus students and ESNers was great opportunity to eat together before our roads will separate.

During the Goodbye Week we also organised social activity „Leave&Go“ . Erasmus students could bring used dishes, pots, clothes or some food which they did not want to take home, not even throw away. All that stuff can be used next year for a good thing. Many of Erasmus took part and supported us with things which were too big to put into their luggage. By that social act they again proved their social feelings.


Goodbye Gala Dinner 6/6/2017

Goodbye Gala Dinner is always a chance to put the sexy outfits on and show yourself in great conditions, so the others will remember you in Gala outfit. So was this year. Over 60 well-dressed people got together and meet in Cantina of UPJŠ on Medická 4. Menu consisted of soup and fried cheese/chicken with rice and French fries. After the meal even the sweet desert was served. Empty plates were sign that the meal was delicious, so we are very thankful to cookers from Cantina.

After the dinner, very interesting and funny QUIZ was presented. Natália examined Erasmus students in quite different way. Questions were not about general information which can be found on internet, but you had to be Erasmus student in Košice this year to know the correct answers. All questions about Slovakia, Košice, ESN Košice, ESN KE events and Erasmus people were answered correctly and people were having great fun while paying attention to the quiz. Recognising Erasmus people just by their glasses or ESN girls by their photos from their childhood  was evidence, that everybody enjoyed the Erasmus stay in Košice a lot. Also that everyone was looking around, discovering the country, exploring the nature and trying to remember characteristic of people who for one year became your whole world.

Subsequently, there was free time for making photos in front of ESN KE-home-made photo wall. All people seemed to have great fun while taking photos with funny signs, with their buddies or with each other and other…and other..and one more photo with that guy and that girl :D

Gala Dinner finished with award giving. During last days there was a voting for "Choose your best" Erasmus and ESNer. Everybody awaited results of categories like e.g. Most sexy smile, Heartbreaker, Always late one etc. Certificates were given by Lukas as ex-president of ESN KE and Marianna, the new one. The certificate for the best ESN went traditionally to president of ESN KE, so for Lukas.

Then later, we all together moved to ESN KE office to sing our wall with notes and memories and quite sentimentally we closed our event in popular Colloseum Club.

Once again, it was successful event and we all hope, it will stay in our memories as long as other Erasmus-in-Košice memories.

Authors: ESN KE: Natália Uramová

Photos: ESN KE