Hockey Match 18/10/2016

On Tuesday, the 18 th of October ESN KE took Erasmus students to see an ice hockey match between HC Košice and HC Banská Bystrica. Most of the international students had never seen an ice hockey match before, so they were all looking forward to it. We met in front of the Steel Arena, all (more than 30) Erasmus students arrived on time so we could buy tickets and go inside the stadium. We got tickets in the upper sectors of the stadium, so we had a really good view and could enjoy the game. Even though HC Košice started quite bad and got two goals early in the first period, in the end they managed to beat Banská Bystrica 3:2. Apart from winning the match, students especially appreciated the fight between two players in the third period. It was nothing agressive or offensive, just random hockey-players fight which can be often seen on TV too. So this had made our event more authentic and we could talk about it after the match. All ESNers and Erasmus found it as pointless fight and we agreed that it is never good to solve the problems with fighting.  After the match, all students agreed that they enjoyed the match (I mean real game) and they are planning to go to visit more matches during their stay.

ESN KE: Filip Humeňanský