Ice Skating 23/10/2016

As it was getting colder outside and it looked like winter was already coming (yes, in October) we decided to make an event „Ice Skating with ESN“. We met on the 23rd of October 2016 in front of Craw Arena in Kosice. Around 40 Erasmus students were ready to enjoy great sport day on ice.


Many foreign students had never tried it before but ESN KE really appreciate their bravery and determination. We believe all of us enjoyed it and we had a lot of great fun on ice. Some of us were more professional, some of us were beginners but it does not change anything! 


Looking at people trying to help each other with a big smile on their faces was great feeling – very good way of integration. 


Questions about the next date of the same event has proved that this experience was unforgettable not only for us – ESNers but also for Erasmus students. As the popularity of the event grew, we organised this event more times during term. Since that day we went ice skating three more times. Some people appeared just once, some people appeared everytime as they found out that they got Ice-skating talent. That was one of the reasons why the „Ice Skating acitivity“ was also part of „Winter Term Goodbye Week“ programme.


Thank you all for participation on sport activities and for making amazing memories.

ESN KE: Katarina Lapcakova , Natalia Uramova

Photos: ESN KE