The winter has come and hand in hand with the winter are winter sports. Even we can say that winter ones are more favourite than summer sports in Slovakia. That is why ESN Košice members decided to set a special event for our Erasmus students – ice-skating. It was the great experience for all, especially for students who had never tried it before. Event was organized by Ivana Krzánová on the 7th of December 2013 afternoon in the time for public ice-skating in the Crow Arena, Košice. Seventeen happy faces joined the event: two more ESN members and 15 Erasmus students from all the three dorms, who were full of energy. 

After all the group got together, we bought tickets and rented skates, and hurray on the ice! First moments the group divided into two parts – those who are able to do ice-skating, and those who are not. But very soon people mixed again and help each other to learn it. It was a beautiful picture of international students' cooperation! At the end of our ice-skating time students were ice-skating all together as a long snake on the ice.

This Saturday was also a day after St. Mikuláš´s day (St.Nicolas), so except ice-skaters there were also Mikuláš and the Angel, who were ice-skating with us and who had for all good children (and good students) small sweets. But probably the biggest smiles on our faces made the mascot of Košice’s ice-hockey team – The Crow, who we could make a picture with.

Tired bud smiled faces we saw at the end of ice-skating was the proof of successful event.

Author: Ivana Krzánová, ESN Košice IT PR assistant