Another great integration of Kosice´s Erasmus students took place during the first April weekend (31.3.-2.4.2017) in Dedinky, Slovak Paradise. Around 60 Erasmus and ESN people travelled together by train from Košice on Friday afternoon. Starting with the evening programme, students of the same nationalities got together to prepare a bit of their traditional food for the EuroDinner. Everyone had a chance to try delicious food and drinks from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain,  Turkey, and Slovakia.

After a good night sleep everyone was prepared for a hiking tour. Most of the students decided for a difficult version to Havrania skala. Whole tour lasted almost 6 hours and participants walked 20km! After the tour, some enjoyed resting near the Palcmanska Maša lake. The most important part of the night was an old student karaoke game, Sangria and Beer Cantus. „Señor El Presidento Lukáš“ as the head watched over his students and if needed, punished the disobedient ones! Those people had to fulfil funny and crazy tasks, while the rest of the people had great fun of it. 

The last day of the Integration weekend brought in some cultural moments. Firstly, beautiful Betliar mansion was visited and explored, in the afternoon cave Domica showed its attraction of untouched nature. ESN Košice is grateful to all the participants and looking forward to the next integrating!


Authors: ESN KE: Terézia Kulíková

Photos: ESN KE