It was on Thursday 23rd February when we organised the event called Karaoke Night. What should we write about this wild singing (or trying to sing) night? Everyone knows what Karaoke means. It is about singing, about having fun, about showing the talent or just simply enjoying the act of holding microphone in hands and singing like a star.

But we prepared not so typical Karaoke night. Why not? Because we are so innovative and we wanted to be more competitive. We made singing competition. We were divided into small teams and every team had a chance to show singing skills to other teams. 3 ESNers were in jury and were giving points after every song, so the team with the higher number of points would have win. So the show had started! Our ESN KE team was competitive a lot. We wanted to be first, too. Events are not just about Erasmus people, sometimes ESNers are more passionate about event, haha. That fact forced Erasmus to try harder to beat us. They were really good rivals to us. At the end, everybody was singing, having great time with friends and smiling a lot. This made us happy because these events are exactly about it. About having fun together! Finally, we made decision that no one will win, because we all were top singers! So we continued to enjoy night together with really good mood.

Regina Arenas Sánches (Spain) said us her opinion about the event: We had a lot of fun because we had many occasions to sing and also there was a new incorporation: the jury. By the way, I'm still waiting for my prize to get the highest score.


Author: ESN KE: Daniela Matejková, Natália Uramová

Photos: ESN KE

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