Language cafe Mov´in Europe 20th of October 2016

During the week from Monday 17.10. to Friday 21.10. was held Mov’in Europe Week in Slovakia, when almost every ESN  section organized various events for the public. Main goal of those events was to promote mobility within the countries of European Union. ESN Kosice also participated in Mov´in Europe Week and organized event in cooperation with the Language cafe community in Tabačka Kulturfabrik, interesting coffee/bistro/gallery/cultural place. In Tabačka twice per month, an event called Language cafe is organised. Attendants of this event can meet foreigners, native speakers or just lovers of foriegn languages and debate together in different languages. On Thursday 20th of October, Erasmus students from France, Spain, Turkey and Canada attented this event, and shared some informations about their countries and about the reasons, why they had decided to travel for exchange studying stay to Kosice. Topics were different and after first moments of formal talk we could hear very friendly laugh from each of the group. It was the evidence that all people participated were enjoying meeting new people, and sharing opinions about travelling, cousine, food or traditions and coulture of their country.  Everyone loved this form of cooperation, and perhaps it will be repeated at least one more time in future.

Big thanks to Language cafe community for allowing us to participate!

Author: ESN KE: Robert Vavrek
Photos: ESN Kosice