National Platform Košice

 This year, this platform has changed the future of ESN Slovakia and moved it further into the youngle. Of course it was not a radical step defining everything from now one differently. We have changed the course and approaching to the next year of a new national board.

This platform took place in Košice, eastern capital of Slovakia at the end of November and beginning of December 2012, to be more precise 30th November - 3rd December. ESN Slovakia members have travelled to Košice for about five hours and they all have assured that it was definitely worth it. The NP has begun on Friday afternoon with presentations of sections and candidates for NB. Saturday was devoted to project presentations and workshops by our Eduk8 Trainers in the afternoon and finished with elections for NB.

Peculiarity of the platform was a cooperation between universities and each of the plenary session has been performed at different university. Three universities united in this platform - Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy and Technical University in Košice.

During the plenaries we have elected new national board consisting partially also of old members.

    President: Júlia Marcinčinová
    National Representative: Prokop Teper
    Fundraiser: Evka Daňková
    Treasurer: Miroslav Janek
    Webmaster: Michal Sabo
    SocialErasmus: Jaroslava Kruťáková

We are all looking forward to work for ESN Slovakia in the future and to build a strong section connections in here.

(author: Júlia Marcinčinová, ESN Slovakia president)