Radio Regina 17/11/2016

In memory of 17. November 1989, an ESN member, Rachel Galvankova participated in the discussion of the local radio station Regina. The discussion was focused on the opportunities students have, as to travel freely round Europe via different programs like Erasmus for example. We don't forget that it was not common for students of the old regime in former communistic countries.

Rachel Galvankova presented her Erasmus mobility in Bordeaux, France in 2014. She talked about her experiences she had during that one semester in a different country and could compare it with the life in Slovakia. At the same time, she mentioned different points of view on Erasmus life in France and here in Slovakia as being a former Erasmus student and an ESN member now.

As an ESN active member of the Košice section she presented the organization as a whole, but also the Košice section, our school year, different events such as cultural, social and many different trips we organize.

We believe it was not only an amazing experience for her, but it was great way to let people know what ESN is and how students can profit from programs like Erasmus.

Author: ESN KE: Rachel Galvanková