Social Erasmus is an ESN international project that aims to involve young citizens during their mobility experience through volunteering activities that take social action, fostering change in the society. It promotes a social attitude among young people. When you are doing your mobility, you have got great opportunity to integrate into the local community while giving the chance to make a long lasting social change in society through volunteering activities. The project´s main slogan is „Leave your mark!“. ESN KE this term prepared Social Erasmus Week in big style. Everyday Erasmus students and ESN-ers could take part in some acitivity and shows BIG social heart. There were 9 social events organised in total. Unfortunatelly 2 events (Free Hugs and Spring cleaning) did not happen, but other 7 activities (Erasmus in Schools 2x, Blood Donation, Medics Run, Daffodil Day, Daffodil Run, Dog Walking) did happen and created a positive social change on all participants. And of course, it brought us really great time. Here is the list of Social Erasmus Week acitivities prepared by ESN KE.


Erasmus in School 3/4/2017

Education is one of the most important thing in our life. However it does not mean you can educate only in school. With this message we visted Hungarian secondary school during Social Erasmus Week. We have visited two classes and told them about the importance of travelling abroad especialy during your school years. We also motivated them to become ESN KE member. Our Italian friend Simona Nicoletti who came with us gave them presentation about Italy. Students became really interested with it and after they asked Simona lot of quetions. Variety of questions gave them perfect image about how is it to experience mobility also they discovered a lot of differences between Slovakia and Italy and some of them were really funny. At the end we all hope that this small thing will help them join some mobility when they got chance and explore the world. Simona said: „I liked the activity and I hope students were stimulated to travel and do an Erasmus during their univeristy studies I like intercultural experiences, so it was a nice occasion of comparison between Italy and Slovakia.“


Blood Donation 4/4/2017

On Tuesday 4th April there was another event from great Social Week organised by ESN Košice – Blood Donation. The most precious liquid on Earth is always being wanted in hospitals all over the world and Erasmus students in Košice had the opportunity to show their generosity. Two French girls, Justine Dollez and Lucie Lamothe, found courage and showed up in the hospital along with two ESN members Majka and Matej. After filling in a paper with personal and health information we went to an ambulance where a doctor took a first sample of our blood. With good results we went to second ambulance where they measured our blood pressure and asked us questions about any health problems or use of medicaments which are not allowed when one wants to donate blood. Finally, all girls were allowed to go to another hall where nurses were waiting and prepared everything for donating. The whole process of donating was done in relaxed way during which girls were smiling and at times even posing for pictures. The donation lasted approximately 15 minutes and afterwards donors were given some refreshment. After regaining some energy and small talk we left the hospital with a joy that we made a good deed and helped people who need it. This kind act was a proof that Erasmus deals with social responsibility too! Justine, one of our donors, said: “I've always given my blood in France. So when I got the occasion to do it in Slovakia why not? It costs me nothing and it can help or save someone else life. I'm healthy, I feel like it's my duty to help the one who need it.“


Beh medikov (Medics´ Run) 5/4/2017

„It was a fun and diferent experience to share with my friends from the univeristy“ said Pedro Vaz Pinto from Portugal about sport event organised during SE Week. On Wednesday, the 5th of April, Medical students organization in Kosice from UPJŠ „Spolok medikov mesta Košice“ organized the second sport event, Medic Run, and as there are many medical students doing their Erasmus mobility, ESN KE didn’t miss it. The goal was to complete 3.2 km circle, improve the health and stamina, but mainly to support Children’s Hospital in Kosice by donating all the proceeds from this run.


Daffodil Day 7/4/2017

In the cold Friday, during Social Erasmus Week a young group of happy enthusiasts from ESN KE gathered in the city centre of Kosice to contribute to the charity fundraising of “Liga proti rakovine” which is charitable organization helping those in the need. It was a handful of ESN members with a few of Erasmus students that entertained and attracted people easily with their English/Italian accent saying “Dobrý deň” or “ďakujem pekne” to the passersby – it was simply charming. The group met up in the morning and went around university - UPJS, made a few stops over 2 of its campuses where many people donated some coins for the good purpose leaving with feeling of satisfaction. As it is habit, for given money donators were rewarded with small yellow daffodil, which is symbol of that day. After whole day, you could meet many people wearing that yellow daffodil on their jackets and bags…simply, everywhere in city centre you could feel good atmosphere.


Narcisový beh (Daffodil run) 9/4/2017

The non-competitve run was full of energy and fun for all of us. The event was organised by Active life – which is the organization aimed at the healthy lifestyle full of activity. We joined this event because of the goal of the 5 km run – the entrance money was given to the fight against cancer. The atmosphere was amazing because of the people who came. There were more that 250 participants. Actually, we were 7 people from Erasmus students and ESN members who joined this event – students from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Slovakia joined this run with great idea and helped people who suffer with this sad illness.

„It was the first time I ever participated in a race like this and it could not have been a better start! On a sunny day in Košice, dozens of people of all ages gathered to help a meaningful cause and practice some exercise. It was really interesting to have the opportunity of running in the center of this city with all the people, specially the little kids, cheering you and walking around. It was a great afternoon with my friends!“ said Diogo Melo Pinto from Portugal, who won his absolutely first price in the raffle.


Dog Walking 9/4/2017

During SE Week we did not want to help just to people. We had decided to help also our four-legged friends in the dog-shelter close to Košice – in Haniska. We spent beautiful Sunday by dog-walking. Evelina Glinskytė from Lithuania said: “I love animals very much and it was a great opportunity not only have fun but also make a good job!” Saying goodbye to Social Erasmus Week with a beautiful weather and smiles on our faces was such a good feeling!


Participated Erasmus students and ESN KE members did great job. Thank you for being SOCIAL and LEAVING YOUR MARK during Social Erasmus Week!


Authors: ESN KE: Natália Uramová, Patrícia Guzlejová, Matej Tvrdoň, Martina Čelková, Ladislav Cipka, Daniela Matejková, Kristína Tobiašová

Photos: ESN KE, Active life