SocialErasmus activity – Help to Animal Shelter in Košice

Through the SocialErasmus week (11-17.November 2013) ESN Košice, organised event called Dog-walking aimed to provide support to Animal shelter – Únia vzájomnej pomoci ľudí a psov. On Saturday 16th November we went to visit this shelter that is not far from the village Haniska pri Košiciach.

We gathered Erasmus students together, students from three universities in Košice – UPJŠ , UVLF and TUKE. It was group of 19 Erasmus students and 3 ESN coordinators, Andrea Hanáková, Matej Semanko and Darina Glittová. Together we went to a shop and bought some pasta, rice ,  treats, toys and blankets. After shopping we were ready with hands full of useful stuff for those lovely dogs.

When we arrived the owners of the shelter were really surprised by the amount of people which came to shelter. They gave us leads and then we took dogs for a walk.  We spent two hours playing with dogs (more than 30), walking with them and students really enjoyed that. Owners were really happy that we took them for a walk, because they can’t do it all the time and said they will welcome Erasmus students anytime.

author: Matej Semanko, ESN Košice local member