On 17th of November ESN Košice organised its last activity for SocialErasmus Week.  6 Erasmus students from Pavol Jozef Šafárik University  and the Technical University of Košice,  despite the cold weather, decided to spend Sunday afternoon on the small horse farm in Košice – Šaca, what is outer part of Košice. This farm, called Hippocentrum Šaca is run by non-profit organisation Klub priateľov koní. The club is focused on hippotherapy and recreational riding. ESN coordinators were Katarína Szabóová and Darina Glittová.

At the beginning we were welcomed by one owners, Mr. Marian and Mrs. Lenka,  and by 7 horses, 2 ponnies and 7 dogs as well. The beginning was surprising and nice. Instead cleaning the stables, we were invited for coffee.  After a short break and getting to know each other we went to the meadow. Somebody was riding a horse and others were playing and running with dogs.  Later on, everyone got a chance to ride a horse. Those who were experienced in riding were proud to ride by themselves and beginners with the help of owners - riders. It was great experience for all of us!

It was a dark already when we came back from meadow to the farm. And after such a great beginning with coffee and riding, it was a right time for hard work. We cleaned the stables and combed those beautiful horses. It went very good and fast, because our Erasmus students were very hardworking.  

The owner was very happy that we came and helped them, and Erasmus students were also happy and excited that they could spend such a nice day together and with horses and do something social.  Before going we get warm with hot tea, and we left with words “see you”.

We are looking forward for the next visit! 

author: ESN Košice vice-president Katarína Szabóová