Erasmus in Košice includes a lot of possibilities how to spend a time in this beautiful city. Except sport activities, cultural events and many others there is really important project called SocialErasmus. This project is typical for doing something unselfish for the others and because there is nothing more amazing than to save someone ́s life, our first SocialErasmus activity of this semester was blood donation. On Monday 5/10/2015 three of our Erasmus students and also two ESN members went to National Transfusion Service situated in the New Hospital in Košice. After filling of a questionnaire and checking by a doctor 4 of us were ready for the most important part which is donation of 450mls. of our most precious liquid. The process of blood taking didn ́t last long and because we came in group in fact it was fun coupled with wonderful feel of doing a good deed. Even employees with their cheerfulness and their approach contribute to a positive atmosphere and we can ́t wait to go again after expiring of the time condition.



Author: Local representative of ESN Košice Marianna Rudinská

Photos: ESN Košice