On Sunday, 21th May, ESN KE organized chillin´ afternoon on the lake at Jazero in our beloved Košice. Because of the really sunny weekend we decided to spend some more time all together outside, do some sports and just chilling. We all met in front of the train station about 3pm. Then we take bus right to the place all together.

There come around 40 Erasmus students and 3 ESN members. We all hung out on the small Island by the lake, boys started play football and later after we changed the place and went to beach volleyball playground to play volleyball. Then we said goodbye to each other and splited up with great mood. Little bit tired and exhausted but with big smiles on our faces.

Rıdvan Topcu from Turkey said to us: „If it is sunny and hot day, some people seek for a shadow but others want to go somewhere where is warm, like the bank of a river, lake etc. On such sunny Sunday we went to Lake with one other reason too: one of the Erasmus student had birthday 3 days ago, so It was great opportunity to meet together. I think Lake is one of the best places of Kosice. Firstly, we played beach volley which was really good and for me it was the first experience when I played it on sand. Also, during the event I met with some new people from ESN. At all, it was a beautiful day for me, pleasure to meet with new people and spend day there.“

Anna Patejuk from Poland thinks: „I spent great day with Erasmus and Slovak people. We had fun, enjoyed meal, played game, talked, enjoyed our time together. Boys were playing volleyball, so it was not just relax but sport, too. We could know each other better, socialize and integrate ourselves. And Taylan Ates from Turkey reported day as: „It was a nice day for chilling out. Jazero is definitely the best place during sunny days and beach volleyball was so fun. We all enjoyed!“

Author: ESN KE: Ivana Labusová

Photos: ESN KE