A small but pleasant change of usual days in Košice was our cultural event called Theatre Night! Even for some of Erasmus students it was the first time in the State Theatre in Košice. Chilly April's weather was just perfect for Indian love affair in the breathtaking interior. Beautiful costumes, luscious music, professional ballet dancers and fascinating dream-like plot - that's what La Bayadère is about. And what's more – two hours in company of good friends!

Ilona Stalovinaitė from Lithuania said: “It was my first time in Košice's theatre and I really enjoyed both – the ballet and the beauty of the theatre. The performance itself was nice and interesting!”

After the performance we tried to analyze it and it was just amazing how people perceived details in different ways. Unfortunately, we were not able to take photos inside – rules are rules. :)

Author: ESN KE: Kristína Tobiášová

Photos: ESN KE