It is 14th of May, Sunday, beautiful sunny weather and ESN KE with Erasmus students are climbing on the hill of Spiš castle. We couldn't believe that the all the participants came on time and had their tickets ready and that the journey to the castle was smooth…until we actually started hiking to the top – that's the point where smiles and cheerful mood changed for colorful words and sweat. But hey! It was seriously hot so you would all understand that on the place. It took us half an hour to get to the top, but then we were happy and ready for some view and culture. The guide was Slovak but she was nice and translated parts of it into English, however most of them just enjoyed the spirit of the old castle without nice and old stories. We spent around 2-3 hours on the top, walking around, wondering how the life was back then and the last hour was most enjoyable …after all selfies and profile pictures were made we just lied down on the grass, eating and chilling – just perfect.

The time passed fast and we had to climb down and catch bus transport to Košice, where we all rested with satisfaction. This is what you can call a good trip ;)

Authors: ESN KE: Ladislav Cipka

Photos: ESN KE