Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Košice as part of University of Economics provides two kinds of services. First of them education. The second one is science and research. As our core business in research, we put emphasis on improvement of business processes in companies we are in cooperation, through Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma methodologies or by using different Instruments for improving quality – DMAIC, PDCA circle etc. Science and research activities are grouped and developed in three basic pillars: 

• Market and applied economic research, applied statistics and mathematics (for example measuring employee satisfaction in several projects in Slovakia). Developing and implementing new methods and approaches in field of market research in cooperation with business companies to bring new products and better value to customers. 

• Cooperation in research with local authorities and agencies to prepare new and more effective policies in field of effective using of energies, sustainable growth and regional innovation systems through Foresight methodologies 

• Research in field of competitiveness and innovation activities – current research is based on examining relationship between competitiveness and level of innovation in industry production sector.