ESN Monopoly Pub Crawl

ESN Košice decided to organise well known British game PUB CRAWL for the first time in Košice. Traditional pub crawl was established in London in 19th century and was held any Saturday from 11.00am to 11.00pm. Game aims at fulfilling different tasks and wearing usually funny costumes, for the first one we prepared few various tasks but we omitted the latter one. Some of the tasks were to get the signature of bartender and picture with bar-girls or bar-boys, then to make picture at special place in the bar, to ask telephone numbers from other customers or to find somebody who will teach Erasmus students to sing the first stanza of Slovak hymn. 

At the game participated approximately 50 Erasmus students and 10 ESN members. We created 4 teams of randomnly chosen Erasmus students and in each group were at least 2 ESN members as leaders of the group. Each team got map with different route and with all tasks and information.
ESN leaders were Andrea Hanáková, Jarka Ivanová, Stanka Hajduková, Mirka Matíková, Matej Kollár, Martin Čurnek, Lukáš Buček, Peter Turcsanyi,Veronika Schwarczová and Gabriela Fábryová.

Participants visited 11 bars altogether. Some of them prepared special shots and some of them offered traditional beer according to the agreement with ESN Košice before the game. Game started in Nebra - very popular among students because of its special mixed drinks, Madrid and Little Havana offering Spanish and Cuban atmosphere, Tarantino – cosy and friendly bar, Jazz club – popular disco club, stylish Garibaldis – lounge bar, Camelot, Beer house and Česká Hospoda offering many different types of beer, Kaktus – tequila bar and Colosseum – club known by its punkrock and ska atmosphere, where the game finished. Winning team had to provide the game board with completed tasks and the photo documentation. The prize for the winner was surprise.

The game was very successful and we had very nice time altogether. Having this game at the beginning of the term was very good idea as it helped with initial integration and we could proudly present interesting places to Erasmus students. The plan for the future is make the tradition out of the game.