ESN Welcome week summer term 2013

Welcome week (11.2 – 17.2) was organised for the first time in history of ESN Košice in summer term 2013. ESN Košice prepared 6 days full of various events for new incoming Erasmus students.
Almost all new incoming Erasmus students from Pavol Jozef Šafárik University and Technical University participated at the integration welcome week and some of the Erasmus from winter term joined as well.

Started on Monday when the info welcome meetings took place at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University and Technical University. Erasmus students were welcomed at universities by coordinators and also by ESN members and could to buy special welcome pack (ESN card, Orange sim card, discount tickets  from New Yorker, survival guide, maps and some little gifts). Tuesday was the day of the table football tournament during which Erasmus students were divided into different groups how they got the first real chance to integrate with Erasmus from other universities. We had such a great time altogether. The lucky winners, Portuguese girls won free tickets for ice-hockey match from ESN Košice which was held on Wednesday. It was the first time for them to watch ice-hockey. So welcome to ice-hockey republic! Everybody enjoyed the match among teams Košice-Poprad, after which we spent nice time together at traditional Slovak restaurant Karczma Mlyn with other Erasmus students tasting traditional Slovak food – Bryndzové halušky & Pirohy.

The following day we were pleased to present something from the history of our beautiful city by help of well-known tour guide Mr.Milan Kolcún. A little bit freezed but with the new knowledge of their new „hometown“ all Erasmus enjoyed the tour. Friday was a big day of welcome party which ESN Košice organised in cooperation with student organisation from Technical University, BEST. Saturday was a day to relax and everybody was looking forward to Sunday, the last day of the welcome week. It was the highlight of the week  called “trip to medieval times”. Firstly we visited Nová Tŕňa, Tokaj wine area where local wine producers prepared great wine tasting with special bonuses for us, later we headed to the area Boldogkovaralja in Hungary. We exeprienced special lunch in medieval restaurant Castrum Boldua under the Péchy-Zichy castle. This special restaurant is famous by its theme, equpipment and atmosphere. It's the place where customers eat only by spoon and hand and are surrouned by flags, swords and other medieval decorations. Welcome week was very successful and we are glad the most of the new Erasmus joined almost every event.  

(author: Andrea Hanáková, ESN Košice vice-president)