Language tandem 24/10/2017

A: Hola!

B: Buna!

A: Come stai?

B: Je vais bien et toi?

A: Aš gerai. Dėkojame, kad paprašėte

B: Co cię tu przynosi?

A: Language tandem!

This is a made-up conversation that could have taken place during Language tandem, organized by ESN Košice on 24th October 24 in Irish Pub. We’ve prepared this event for local students or anybody who is interested in learning a new language, practising it or just meeting new people.

Around 40 Erasmus students from Italy, Spain, Moldova, France, Turkey, Poland, Portugal and Lithuania joined their respective tables and taught the others some basic phrases, such as „how are you”, „thank you” or „I love you”. Of course, more advanced speakers jumped straight into more casual conversations. Local students joined various tables, too.

In order to make this event more special, we sang the happy birthday song to Mateusz from Poland who had the birthday that specific day.

A short feedback from Diana from Romania: „My dream to become a professor came true for one night. I didn't even know that teaching somebody to spell the simplest words in your native language can bring so much fun.”

Having a positive feedback, ESN Košice will continue in organizing such events also in the future.


Author: Ján Karchňák

Photos: ESN Košice