The Czechoslovak National Platform hosted each year by a different country was this year 
organized by ESN Košice. During the second weekend of September (8-10), 80 people
arrived to Kysak to enjoy the atmosphere of being Back in Czechoslovakia
The whole weekend stareted in Košice with a guided tour called „The most beautiful Jewels
of Košice“, during which all the participants had the oportunity to discover the history of

With the LR’s session, we opened the plenaries and we continued with meetings during the
whole Friday. NB Hunt was an evening social activity, prepared to unite ESNers as they were
mixed up in different groups and they had to complete tasks from the NB.

Saturday was a day full of plenaries. Slovaks had plenty of work with the elections of Vice-
President and Mov'in Europe Coordinator, meanwhile the Czech delegation discussed budget.
In the evening, the natiobal boards prepared a free discussion about the future of National
Platforms. Finally all members have agreed it is a great opportunity to share skills and discuss

Non-formal education is a chance to grow for all our members. This it is the reason Sunday
was the day of workshops. Themes were really creative and usefull for the future work in
ESN: Mental health of ESNers, How to organize big events or How to come with 200 ideas
and agree on two in 60 minutes. The City council of Youth accepted our invitation and held
a workshop for us on How to lead a group.

All in all, we are proud to be a section who could host an international event like this.

Author: Patricia Guzlejova
Photos: ESN Kosice