How to explore the city pubs the best way? Pub­crawl is the answer! Like this you can find your favourite one and enjoy your stay in Košice. The ESN Košice team organised this event for the Erasmus people as a great game to know each other even better as team students from all three universities were mixed in the teams.

On Thursday, 22tth October we met in the evening in front of the State Theatre Košice to separate us into groups and start the game! Every group of Erasmus students had a leader and a few ESN members, who couldn't help by finding the places but they controlled the game. The leader had a map with marked places and also s/he had to have the control over the group, lead to the different pubs and also s/he should control the tasks.

It was a real team­building. Each team had to find the pubs from the map, enter it, make out different tasks and enjoy the Košice nightlife. The tasks for every pub were to gain a signature from each bartender, collect different stuff, find pictures, sing and dance, make videos and take pictures the best ­ to have fun! The group which arrived as first to the last, final pub, could enjoy the winning feeling! For sure there was a winner’s gift! And again all together we continued in party till the morning.

We have visited great places such as: Nebra, Nebra ́s, Little Havana, Redline, Smelly Cat, Dobré Časy, Tabačka, Jekyll & Hyde, KOM ́IN, Pokhoi, Corso, Česká hospoda  and Collosseum. We are really thankful to all these places for welcoming us!

Author: Aneta Počatková, ESN Košice active member