SocialErasmus - help to animal shelter-dog walking

Sunday afternoon, April 28th was finally the day of our visit to Košice's animal shelter – Únia vzájomnej pomoci ľudí a psov not far from the village Haniska pri Košiciach. ESN Košice decided to organise this visit to the shelter because itt was robbed few weeks ago. Food, bowls, blankets were stolen.

We gathered our Erasmus together, mainly students of University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, but also students of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. Altogether 9 Erasmus students participated at this event and two ESN coordinators, Darina Točíková and Andrea Hanáková. Students collected money and bought some useful stuff such as rice, pasta, cans with the food for cats and dogs. And we were ready for the nice afternoon with abandoned dogs.

Our mainly VET crew spent there almost two hours full of walking, running and playing with dogs. Each of us took 3 different dogs for a walk for two rounds! Approximately 33 dogs got their run around the shelter. As it was lovely sunny afternoon, dogs were so cute running and coming to the finish with tongues hanging out. But not only dogs, all of us were the same!

Just to see tired but happy dogs after walk was the best proof they enjoyed the time with us and we did with them. We hope to see and help them again.

author: Andrea Hanáková, ESN Košice vice-president