SocialErasmus - Plant the Erasmus Forest

20th of April 2013 was a very special day for ESN Košice and 13 Erasmus students from Košice and Prešov. We hepled the village Budimír which is just 10 km from Košice with its revitalisation within the project „Beautify our village“ which is devided into several stages. We did the first one! ESN coordinators were Mirka Maková, Vanda Nutárová and Andrea Hanáková and president of ESN Slovakia, Júlia Marcinčinová, visited us as well.

At the beginning, Mgr.Vojtech Staňo, the mayor of the village Budimír, welcomed us in the local park and gave us some information about village's history and about the greening project as well. After this, we took the tools, gloves, good mood and supervised by two experts, Mr. Sobota and his colleague, we started to plant the trees. For tree hours we planted 24 different trees in the local park.

After great job refreshments were prepared for us by mayor of the village. Erasmus students could taste Slovak food „stuffed cabbage“ (cabbage filled with rise and meat) and traditional home made leavened cakes. Moreover, as a thank from the mayor who was very glad that we came, the Erasmus student got as a gift a book about Budimír and key ring with the village's coat of arms. This beautiful day ended with the visit of Budimír´s mansion whis is now a part of the Technical museum of Košice and where is a permanent exhibition of historical clocks. We are very thankful to the mayor of the village for such a warm hospitality.

This SocialErasmus event was successful and Easmus students were happy that they could help the local community and they had a very good feeling that although they leave Slovakia in next two months, trees they planted, will still be there.

Author: Mirka Maková, SocialErasmus ESN Kosice coordinator