Soup Festival

ESN Košice took part in the Soup festival, which took place in Ryba Anička in Košice on 13th October 2012. This occasion was the end of the festival Diversity, where the main theme was to connect residents of Košice and minorities living in Košice and to give them all a chance to present the specific soup which represents their traditions. The festival Diversity was realised within the SPOTs project, which is a key project of The Košice Interface 2013( a project which won the city the title of European Capital of Culture for the year 2013) and its aim is the decentralization of culture from the city centre to its suburban areas and outer parts. ESN Košice represented Mirka Maková and Júlia Marcinčinová.

24 kinds of soups and interesting program attracted hundreds of people. They could taste and vote for soups such as TOM KHA KAI (chicken soup in coconut milk from Thailand), CALDINHO DE FEIJAO (bean soup from Brasil), SOPA CASTELLANA (Spain), VELOUTÉ DE POTIRON (cream pumpkin soup from France) etc. The winner was the NETTLE SOUP made by Slovak girl. Soup festival was accompanied by program full of music and dance.

ESN Košice was presented by SLOVAK INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SOUP, which was a cover name for Slovak traditional cabbage soup. This occasion was a part of SocialErasmus project and we could present ESN and Erasmus together with some of our Erasmus students who came and also tasted these delicious soups. For them it was an opportunity to get know not only Slovak culture, but many cultures from the world as well.