Trip to Zelené pleso 15/10/2017 

As the autumn arrived, we knew we only had few more sunny days. How will we spend them? Hiking! Yes, great idea! So we decided to spend the 15th day of October in our beautiful and most famous mountains - High Tatras. The High Tatras mountains are situated on the border with Poland in the Northern Part of Slovakia, and this is one of the biggest symbols of our little country. We decided to go to chalet Zelené pleso. This chalet (1551 m) is situated in the Green Mountain-Lake Valley on the eastern bank of the mountain-lake. The valley is attractive for tourists, bikers, mountain-climbers and skiers because of very suitable terrain conditions for these sports. 

 Our trip started in the morning on the station in Košice, where 25 Erasmus students and 4 ESN members were already prepared for a hike. We went by fast train to city called Poprad. After that, we went by Tatra Electric railways to tourist resort called Tatranská Lomnica. Here it all started, our unforgettable trip in the National Park of High Tatras. After 2 hour of hiking we reached a significant tourist place Zelené pleso  1 545 m n. m., where we had a break for and 1 hour. We took a photos, have a lunch and have a fun there.

Catarina, who attended this trip, thinks: „Two weeks ago, we went to Zelene pleso and it was my first hiking experience in High Tatras. It conjugated friends, fun and also nature, and everything together made the perfect day. After a long walk, we reached our final destination: a beautiful lake with the mountains on the background. We also had some time to rest and eat a warm and delicious soup that was the cherry on the cake. This experience definitely motivates me to come back and explore more of the High Tatras!“

And after that trip Mohammed said: „The trip to Zelene Pleso was really good, we had a nice guide during this trip. We tried to climb to the top but due to time we couldn't. But we reached the lake and the landscape there was really amazing! I was surprised when I saw some snow in the mountains. But it was really beautiful, all those snowflakes. It was a wonderful hiking with very incredible views! Thank you guys for this trip!“ Here is Mohammed´s picture:


After all day of hiking in High Tatras, we were little bit tired but at the same time very happy that we explored another next small piece of beautiful Slovakia!​